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Jordan Spence@jspence425 > CryptoScamDB : Hey funders,First off, thank you for playing a role in the safety of this industry. You're enabling us to protect people each and every day - including all of MetaMask's 🌟 FIVE MILLION 🌟 users. That's right - you probably didn't even know it, but MetaMask utilizes CryptoScamDB to warn when people are visiting known scams!So, to the point: the Gitcoin Grant Round 10 is well under way and every single contribution from you keeps us going. Right now, a $1 donation is massively matched and turns into $8. That's better than some of those questionably dangerous yield farms out there... 😬If you'd like to contribute, please visit our Grant page: https://gitcoin.co/grants/347/cryptoscamdbAnd again, THANK YOU! 🧑