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Clairvoyant Alliance@clairvoyantalliance > CLAIRVOYANT ALLIANCE ART - AUGMENTED REALITY PHYSICAL NFTs : HERE IS OUR CURRENT ROAD MAP & PROGRESSJANUARY 1st 2021 - Crypto currency checkout. Customers can use Coinbase to pay for orders online. Our 1st step to DeFi !FEBRUARY 19th 2021 - The launch of our NFT smart contract development study. Testing a variety of smart contract protocols on Ethereum based platforms.MARCH 2021 - Physical & Digital NFT art product launch completed. ( Soft Product Launch / Research & Development )Project Log ~ The success of our test smart contracts have given us the information and data needed to finalize smart contract development. Aligning with the current market standards for ERC-721 & ERC-1155 Tokens.APRIL 2021 - Polygon Proof of Stake side chain implementation with official NFT education tokens. Creating a brand awareness token holder ecosystem with our 1st distributed wealth tokenomics structure.JUNE 24th 2021 - Exclusive Terra Virtua NFT launch. New fully interoperable NFT Marketplace. TVK _ ETH Token interoperability.