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Clairvoyant Alliance@clairvoyantallianceI have been working the past few months to learn coding with Solidity programming, currently finalizing my portfolio for client services. My main goal is to help other artists setup their own website. I plan on offering additional services to teach each client one on one through online courses. This exclusive service includes how to build a smart contract and mint NFT art directly to the Ethereum blockchain. It also includes art lessons and education on 2D & 3D art creation. Full in depth details and techniques to learn how to find your creative spirit!https://gitcoin.co/grants/2400/clairvoyant-alliance-nft-art-university 💰 CLAIRVOYANT ALLIANCE ART UNIVERSITY - ARTHΞRΞUM NFT DAO THE REAL ΞTHΞRΞALARTMUSΞUM | GrantsHello, my name is Glenn. My partner Alicia and I run a small art business and help onboard new artists to the crypto space!1ST OFF THIS IS AMAZING AND I CAN NOT BELIEVE THE SUPPORT WE HAVE HAD THROU… https://gitcoin.co/grants/2400/clairvoyant-alliance-nft-art-university