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β€’ unitimeshq@unitimeshqEth2 is best known for its PoS and Sharding in improving Eth1 chain, but there are many other changes that were inspired from improving Eth1. A Chines translation of the post <<What ETH2 has learned from ETH1 - Ivan Martinez>> πŸ‘‰γ€ŠEth2.0 从 Eth1.0 δΈ­ε­¦εˆ°δΊ†δ»€δΉˆγ€‹ https://www.unitimes.pro/p/265d9144d65b435798f68c8ba678b3e6 UnitimesUnitimes-全球δ»₯ε€ͺεŠζŠ€ζœ―η€ΎεŒΊ https://www.unitimes.pro/p/265d9144d65b435798f68c8ba678b3e6