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• Ferran@ferranregoHello!2 months ago we publicly presented Vocdoni as a new paradigm for digital voting and governance.Building a universally verifiable, anonymous, censorship-resistant and scalable voting system that requires a great deal of engineering. After 2 years of research and proofs-of-concept, we present the first version of our infrastructure using decentralized technologies such as Ethereum, Tendermint and IPFS.We're super happy to have this system up and running (soon iOS/Android app)https://blog.vocdoni.io/vocdoni-technical-overview-v1/ #announceVocdoni, voting system technical overview v1Vocdoni is building a universally verifiable, censorship-resistant, and anonymous voting infrastructure and a self-sovereign governance system. https://blog.vocdoni.io/vocdoni-technical-overview-v1/