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Staff Gloria Kimbwla@gkimbwalavia Grants Round 10 HackathonHey Everyone,These workshops are going to be helpful for those of you who are working on sponsor bounties.June 21 @ 10 AM PDT Intro to Bluzelle. https://evt.to/osuogoawJune 21 @ 12PM PDT Building on IoTeX - All you need to know. The workshop begins with an introduction to IoTeX and its use cases, followed by hands-on demo during which some examples are used to illustrate how to build and deploy dApps on IoTeX. https://evt.to/hmghueewJune 22 @ 8 AM PDT Building with Polygon. This workshop will teach you how to scale your dapp with Polygon https://evt.to/hmghodmwJune 22 @ 10 AM PDT 88 MPH: Back to the future of fixed-interest rate. Join the 88mph core team to learn what and how to build on 88mph v3. https://evt.to/osssdmswJune 23 @ 9 AM PDT Learn how to start building on Algorand. This workshop is a tutorial session on how to start building on Algorand followed with a Q & A with the Algorand Team. https://evt.to/osgumuswJune 24 @ 10 AM PDT DeFi Yield Farming Strategies Explained Completely new users to defi, will be able to connect to Polygon network using MetaMask wallet and execute a simple strategy right here live in the workshop. https://evt.to/osssdagwJune 25 @ 8 AM PDT Build and Test your Yield Farming Strategy with Badger DAO. In this workshop you’ll build, test and deploy a Yield Farming Strategy from scratch using the Badger Strategy Mix https://evt.to/hmghodsw #announce