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β€’ Auryn Macmillan@auryn-macmillan > πŸ”₯🧧 Burn Signal : Hi backers!We just wanted to say a huge thanks to all of you for your support in the last two Gitcoin Grants rounds.Thanks to you, Burn Signal is on the verge of launching. We have a test-run of the mainnet deployment up at burnsignal.io right now, so feel free to jump in and test it out.Bear in mind, this is a trial run of the smart contracts and it will be replaced with a new and upgradeable deployment of the contracts in the next week or so. After the upgrade, any polls that you create between now and then won't be accessible via the Burn Signal app anymore (they'll still exist on-chain though, obviously).Once we've upgraded the contract, we'll consider the app live and production ready!This round of Gitcoin grants will help us secure funding to continue building and improving on Burn Signal.