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• Lefteris Karapetsas@lefterisjp > Rotki - The portfolio tracker and accounting tool that protects your privacy : Hello guys!Thank you all for contributing to Rotki in the last Gitcoin grant round. Thanks to your amazing help and support we managed to create 3 major releases in less than 2 months! We implemented CoinasePRO support, makerDAO DSR support, ability to tag and label your blockchain accounts and much more.Check the grant description for a full run-down of what we achieved in this short time period: https://gitcoin.co/grants/149/rotki?tab=descriptionWe are sending you this message to let you know that the 5th Gitcoin grant round has just started and it ends on 2020-04-07! Please spread the word about Rotki, tell your friends about the app and the grant and help us in this round too. Even 1 DAI contributed goes a long way thanks to the quadratic funding mechanism.With your contributions from this round we will continue to develop Rotki's ethereum DeFi and Dappnode features. For more details check the grant description: https://gitcoin.co/grants/149/rotki?tab=descriptionThank you