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weareflix@weareflixHey fam! As you know, we're relying on the support from the community to help us make our film, a film about the NFT space and the stories each of us have to share. We would be most gracious of your contribution and we also want to share our Access Pass for Part One of I Want My NFT, which you can use to earn our social token $FLIX through our farming contract! https://opensea.io/assets/0x86cf785a64f93c99549e4de9cdd29825ca22f42a/514177822142063652355177869632490347551651390782 Read more here - https://beta.cent.co/IWantMyNFT/+27wqha Access Pass Part One - I Want My NFT V2 | OpenSeaI Want My NFT Access Pass NFT This is the Official Access Pass for Part One of I Want My NFT. We would like to thank you for supporting this project and for being a part of its creation! This … https://opensea.io/assets/0x86cf785a64f93c99549e4de9cdd29825ca22f42a/514177822142063652355177869632490347551651390782