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• Jason Smythe@jasoons > Wildcards.world : Hi all, Thank you for all the support you have given us so far. The 5th matching round is upon us. What we have done with the 429 DAI from the 4th matching round: Fully integrated 3box into our system. This allows for social profiles. For example here: https://wildcards.world/#user/0x9af481276b075e036bc23e887a8bd275e69ef74c Leader boards are also implemented, thanks to the great service that thegraph.com are providing. We are almost 100% migrated to the graph right now. Many UI/UX changes to speed up the flow of buying an animal and how you connect to web3. Proceeds for this round we will go towards: Onboarding a new wildlife organisation onto our platform. Adding badges to our social profiles to gamify the system even more. Get more art ready to launch new wildcards. Further work on the smart contracts, get them ready for more high impact use cases that the community may have. We are very open to feedback, suggestions or requests; so I'm hoping to hear from you all.