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• Paul Cowgill@pcowgill > Tasit - native mobile Ethereum dapps : Hey all—a few updates:1. We recently received funding from the Ethereum Foundation to work on our SDK for building native mobile dapps!!! The amount was in the "still actively keeping an eye out for how to pay for personal bills" range, so we'll gladly accept contributions through Gitcoin Grants too. But getting the Ethereum Foundation stamp of approval for these efforts feels pretty great. Even though part of the point of Ethereum is that we don't need anyone's permission, which we definitely agree with too.2. We recently tweeted about why it's important to build native mobile dapps: https://twitter.com/TasitProject/status/1242843138051452928?s=203. We recently tweeted about how to build native mobile dapps: https://twitter.com/TasitProject/status/1243205284589338624?s=204. We'll have some time to focus on the Tasit SDK again over the next couple months, and you can track our progress here https://github.com/tasitlabs/tasit-sdk and here https://github.com/tasitlabs/tasit