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olivercarding@olivercarding > Provenance & Authenticity Validation on Ethereum : Hi everyone, Big thanks again for donating to CryptoKaiju. To give an update on what we've been working on with the previous donations. We have now revised how we distribute NFTS and have integrated Linkdrop into our packaging meaning that when someone receives a physical collectible they can scan the enclosed leaflet to claim the corresponding NFT. We have also begun to look at chip development and have purchased the necessary reader/ writer required. As you may know, round 5 of Gitcoin is now live and all donations are again being matched. You may also be interested in Loan Shark which members of team Kaiju worked on at Ethereum London last month: The platform allows people to lend/ borrow their NFTs and stream payments via Sablier. Go check it out! Thanks again for all the support, Oliver