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Altcoin Author aka #ETHisMoney@ethismoney > Altcoin Author Newsletter : Greatly appreciate those generous individuals who are supporting free newsletter with the intent to bring the mass adoption that will lift all ships in the blockchain ecosystem. Historically, bear markets are when the real work gets done. Marketing budgets shift to engineering and projects that keep their head down and innovate have shown their ability to leapfrog others when the next bull market appears, showing traction and innovation while other projects were taking a breather. Your grants will be going forwards a new book aimed at the general public entitled "DAO: The Time is Now," intent on advancing the discussion over DAOs and how they can benefit the individual dev and general worker in the long run. The vertical structure organizational of a legal structure has a tendency to concentrate power at the top and very often, most often than not, power is tightly held by those at the top. Horizontal organizations keep the focus on ideas over personalities & everyone benefits.