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Double O Roos@doubleoroos > @tritium-vlk : I did something not that smart, I submitted two links for the https://gitcoin.co/issue/Badger-Finance/gitcoin/1/100025927 now the links don't work, I tried to restart working and this didn't help, can you please edit it for me @tritium-vlk ? I worked really hard for it. The link should be https://github.com/doubleoroos/Badger I am ever so sorry about this. I thought it would work if two links were added , well note to me, it doesn't. 😳Hackathon: GR10: Art Bounty | Badger-Finance Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin## Our message to the creative world Only a few years ago, blockchain was all the rage, in finance, in discussing politics, rethinking institutions and in art. It was the utopian vision and the vil… https://gitcoin.co/issue/Badger-Finance/gitcoin/1/100025927