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β€’ Richard Schumann@sccofusion.li > Open Source Iconset for the CryptospaceI created and maintain a slick, handcrafted icon library for cryptonauts. There are already 2 implementations available : svgsprite & react.As its Matching Time - I want to ask you to consider to donate +1DAI or more for my project, what can make additional +6 DAI. I worked so many day / nights and could need some motivation that my project is on a good way – with some first real users / attention / financial support.Im open to feedback, suggestions and your honest opinion how i can improve / what you would need to fork / work with my project.Projects Page : https://gitcoin.co/grants/413/fusion-open-source-iconset-for-the-cryptospaceStay healthy :) πŸ’° Grants | Fusion - open source iconset for the cryptospaceFusion is an open source svg iconset for the cryptospace, optimized for inline embedding and customizeable via css, made with love by Richard Schumann.My goal ist to do what i love most - creating … https://gitcoin.co/grants/413/fusion-open-source-iconset-for-the-cryptospace