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judokick@judokick > Creol Environments/Creol Offsets : Hey funders!Some mighty huge news coming! We have been working super hard on a number of things. But most importantly. We now have over 8000 tons of carbon minted on the Polygon chain thanks to a very large purchase which we will detail in a blog at the end of June!We also have some potentially very large buildings being controlled very soon thanks to our other Cartesi Grant.We haven't stopped buidling and are now helping build a full fledged DAO for carbon governance. We partnered up with some of the leaders in the web3 climate space and we are going to launch soon. Hopefully you will all be able to see it shortly.https://klimadao.finance Join the discord https://discord.com/invite/Er4zetKb35 to find out more.As always if you are interested in anything carbon related don't hesitate to reach out at hello@creol.io we answer all emails that come through!Best regards,Creol TeamKlimaDAOKlima utilizes Treasury Reserves to enable long-term price consistency and scarcity within an infinite supply system https://klimadao.finance/