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Staff β€’ Kevin Owocki@owockihey all, good morning. it seems that people are stressed right now. i'm not sure if it's the recent public health issues, the resultant economic downturn, or something else -- but in the last 48 hours i've had a few interactions with people online and in the ethereum community who seem really stressed and ready to boil over. in a couple cases i've just gotten complete "nastygrams" from people that have just escalated from 0 to 60 in no time. my attitude is that we're all in this together, and we should try to do right by each other. if someone isnt meeting your expectations, please tell them directly + politely + in good faith. if you are stressed because of the state of the world, that is totally legitimate and valid.when i look into the values we've posted at https://gitcoin.co/mission i think a lot about the values that we aspire to. care about people not just tasks, be thoughtful, clear, and direct. my hope is that we're taking what works about local communities engagement + taking it online to WebScale. it increasingly looks like the future of social is virtual, so i hope that at least some of these values can approach becoming the norm in our small corner of the internet.TLDR - please be good to each other πŸ™see you around! Gitcoin is a mission-driven organization.Our mission is to grow open source. https://gitcoin.co/mission