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Richard Moore@ricmoo > ethers.js - Complete, Simple and Tiny : Ahoy! A huge thanks to you all for contributing to ethers in the past. You rock! *heart emoji* A new round is running, and since we all love CLR, and know that every *little* bit helps, your support is greatly appreciated. Even a single DAI can make a non-trivial difference, and I especially appreciate esoteric odd-ball contribution amounts that have some hidden nerdy meaning to them... Also, I have a new article up about my stuck-indoors weekend project, if anyone wants (or wants to complain about) far-too-easy-to-upgrade contracts. These random side projects are how I dog-food ethers, so feedback and suggestions are always welcome. See: https://blog.ricmoo.com/contract-upgrade-wizardry-rooted-cd5c6726132b Stay safe, keep on hacking and thanks again! *hand-washing emoji* *unicorn emoji* *sparkle emoji*