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• Walid Mujahid وليد مجاهد@walidmujahidBy the way, I probably should have started mentioning a while ago that I have a grant -maybe you guys noticed. I am officially mentioning that I have grant :-D Contribute any amount you want: https://gitcoin.co/grants/467/gitcoin-development-team-2The idea from @frankchen07 was to see if it could help support the time I put into Gitcoin. It might take a few rounds, but I like our the experiment. In the future. when I try to expand to other open source projects, I would try and see if I could expand the grant to code 'public goods' and not just Gitcoin. 💰 Grants | Gitcoin Developer Grant - Walid Mujahid وليد مجاهدI am working on Gitcoin adding new features and fixing bugs. The idea of opening a grant to see if my time could be funded was @frankchen07's. Feel free to ask me what I am working on anytime in th… https://gitcoin.co/grants/467/gitcoin-development-team-2