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ouivitejoel@ouivitejoelvia Grants Round 10 HackathonVite has a very unique Quota system to facilitate transactions and keep network security. One of our bounties is to build a Quota bank where a group of people can pool their $VITE together and provide Quota for whoever meets the requirements set by the Quota bank. It's like a community bank for Quota, built on Vite. Find out more: https://gitcoin.co/issue/vitelabs/bounties/6/100025883 Create a Quota Bank for Vite | vitelabs Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin**Prize Title**Create a Quota Bank for Vite**Prize Bounty**$2500 in VITE + VITE merch**Challenge Description**Many blockchains solve the spamming problem with gas. Transactions on Vite, howeve… https://gitcoin.co/issue/vitelabs/bounties/6/100025883