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Simone@simoneromvia Grants Round 10 HackathonFor anyone who is working on the "Power Your DApp With Verifiable Real-World Data" (https://gitcoin.co/issue/iotexproject/halogrants/36/100025910) bounty for the GR10 Hackathon: please notice that the simulator produces the wrong signature when run on macOS: it should be run on Linux instead, then once you got the data message string and the r & s from the simulator, the signature can be easily verified in the contract with:```contract testVerify {...string message = "{\"message\":{\"snr\":163,...,\"random\":\"e26338bafd95137a\"}}";bytes32 messageHash = keccak256(bytes(message));_deviceAddress = ecrecover(messageHash,v,r,s);...}```Just try either 27 or 28 as valid values for v. We have updated the description of the bounty. Power your dApp with Verifiable Real-world Data | iotexproject Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin## Power your dApp with Verifiable Real-world Data## Welcome!Thank you for your interest in IoTeX. You are welcome to participate in our competitions. Also, take a look at the other prizes:* Powe… https://gitcoin.co/issue/iotexproject/halogrants/36/100025910