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Clairvoyant Alliance@clairvoyantallianceTHE TECHNOLOGYUsing a combination of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality to implement our teachings improves the capability to interact with anyone, anywhere. Breaking down the limitations of a real world work environment. XR also known as Cross Reality types of experiences can make a major impact on the subject who is immersed within the virtual realm. https://gitcoin.co/grants/2031/clairvoyant-alliance-art-augmented-reality-physic πŸ’° CLAIRVOYANT ALLIANCE ART - AUGMENTED REALITY PHYSICAL NFTs | GrantsTHIS IS OUR CROWDSOURCING FUND FOR OUR PROJECTWE SUPPORT THE CRYPTO COMMUNITY 100 %Any funds from this grant will go directly towards new equipment & technology to develop our NFT market.We are pl… https://gitcoin.co/grants/2031/clairvoyant-alliance-art-augmented-reality-physic