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Anne Connelly@anneconnelly > Trust Graphic Novel & Motion Comic : Gitcoin Grants Round 10 is coming to a close tomorrow! From all of us at Trust Graphic Novel, we want to thank you for donations - your support will help teens and young adults across Africa learn about blockchain and get involved in the space.Want to have even more of an impact? Get your donation matched by 50% more by verifying your account using twitter, google, proof of humanity and others.If you didn't get a chance to see our latest art, you can read about it in our latest blog: https://www.trustgraphicnovel.com/update-1Asante and Thank you!Chief and AnneBlog — Trust Graphic NovelTrust Graphic Novel introduces Akinyi - hacker, technophile, and Moraa's guide into the world of blockchain. https://www.trustgraphicnovel.com/update-1