Harmony's Hack the Horizon - Hack the Horizon has over $50k(!) in prizes up for grabs for work on the Harmony - Ethereum Bridge, and runs until Jan 17 Β· Learn more and start hacking! ×
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β€’ Bill Warren@wswarren12 > DEPO DAO (Decentralized Politics DAO) - Panvala League : Hey all,Thanks for contributing to DePo DAO and the future of politics. We're excited to build this community and support the hacktivist, buidLers, and dreamers working on a more democratic, decentralized, and equitable society. Our missionis to put people back in charge. Together we can make sure their voices are heard...πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§ πŸ“£All of the money collected by this grant will be put into the DePo DAO's funds, which is now live on the Peeps platform: https://www.peepsdao.com/movement/0xA88F44ea8A9A0a548ee9Bb19Abe62eF6FDE4DCdF. If you want to separately join DePo DAO and receive voting shares, it only requires a 10 $DAI contribution per share. If you have any ideas for awesome proposals to fund, go ahead and submit one of the proposals tab (that'll just cost some gas fees)! -Peeps + Govrn