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Alon Rapaport@youami > DeFi infrastructure for semantically connected NFTs : Dear friends,We are very grateful for your contribution to Aggadom!And even more so, we are excited and deeply moved by your support of our vision and mission.You give us the wind at our back to fully devote ourselves towards building technology that will nurture creativity, in all its forms, and balance.Thank you, thank you, thank you ❤️Currently we are fully focused on the development of the protocol and the whitepaper.We will update you as soon as it’s published.You can read more about the project on https://aggadom.org,follow us on Twitter --> https://twitter.com/aggadom,and join our Discord --> https://discord.gg/TT5yG8BwMuPlease consider spreading the word about Aggadom to your network, it would help tremendously.- Love and Balance 🌳Aggadomhttps://aggadom.org/