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BruceTheGoose@xbrucethegoose > NFThub [Panvala League] : Hey there frens! BruceTheGoose here, I just wanted to, once again, thank everyone who's contributed to our grant over the past couple of matching rounds, as well as any time in between. It's been very helpful to the development of NFThub, which, if you weren't aware, is live in open beta at https://nfthub.com | We're steadily gaining new partners in the NFT / DeFi ecosystems, and are very likely to have some direct support soon from Polygon's core team, though I don't think I'm at liberty to discuss details about that just yet. If anyone has the bandwidth, and the required skillset, we could very much benefit from a wee bit of devops assistance. I've mostly done everything myself, from the website to the blog, to these thank you emails; but I'm not a developer, and I'm trying to set up a custom frontend for existing contracts we have deployed. I have the entirety of the source code and the external project's devs approval to fork it, but not the skills at any level of code. Thanks!NFThub: A Cypherpunk's Guide to the MetaverseNFThub is the ultimate companion for your non-fungible adventures! With a robust suite of features, and Polygon's scalable tech underneath, we aim to be a boon, not a competitor, to the entire NFT in… https://www.nfthub.xyz