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cranders1@cranders1 > Token Engineering Commons : Thanks so much for contributing to the TEC GR10! Your contribution is supporting sustainable & ethical design for token ecosystems 🥳⏲️ Countdown to Hatch 🐣We are inches away from the Hatch and are awaiting the green light from each of the 11 Working Groups. We are so close! We are literally making the final Impact Hour scrub as we type. The HATCH IS IMMINENT, so stay tuned to our channels & help us launch the Token Engineering Commons ✨🧨 https://forum.tecommons.org/https://discord.com/invite/tjhx4rw2WKhttps://t.me/tecommonshttps://token-engineering-commons.gitbook.io/tec-handbook/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCagCOhMqMNU29rWx259-tcghttps://twitter.com/tecmns✈️ TEC in Paris @ EthCC 🗺️The TEC will be in Paris at EthCC 4, July 20-22 (Next week)! Drop us a note in the Discord Community Hall to let us know you’re coming! We will have a few events lined up and will be announcing those as they are confirmed later this week.https://ethcc.io/Token Engineering CommonsBuilding safe digital economies that protect and support public goods https://forum.tecommons.org/