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danny-ji@danny-ji > @owocki : @owocki Hello mate you told me to tag thats why i am tagging you as i am not sure where to tag. bounty link:- https://gitcoin.co/issue/gitcoinco/creative/394/100025849 my submission:-https://github.com/Danny-Ji/Gitcoin-SACKS-memes-schwag/ I am not able to submit in bounty page i dont know why so i have provided link directly in github. As bounty period was expired but i was not able to submit in time so i emailed you regarding this thing and you said to submit me thats why i submitted.AKITA/Gitcoin/SACKS memes & schwag | gitcoinco Funded Issue Detail | GitcoinVitalik Buterin [sent Gitcoin a very generous gift of AKITA tokens a few weeks ago](https://gitcoin.co/blog/announcement-gitcoin-community-receives-generous-gift-from-vitalik-buterin/). Since then… https://gitcoin.co/issue/gitcoinco/creative/394/100025849