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lebahye@lebahye > hybrix | multiledger integration : There is an exciting feature in Hybrix that few people know about: Offset Keys. Our wallet is built to handle keys deterministically and non-custodial, and it keeps your keys on your own computer only. Offset keys are a generated set of keys with your initial encryption seed used as a base key. With an offset your wallet creates a new set of keys generated from this base key. we have used the power of offset keys to enable users to become allocators in the Hybrix swap system. This makes it possible for these allocators to keep account of their swap crypto pairs on separate offset keys, and this also makes it possible to orchestrate swaps together with our swap matcher node.https://agent725.medium.com/hybrix-feature-friday-16th-of-july-4e4ff43cc33ehybrix Feature Friday | 16th of JulyEvery week we highlight a hybrix feature. This week we dive into: Offset Keys https://agent725.medium.com/hybrix-feature-friday-16th-of-july-4e4ff43cc33e