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Khac Tung@tungkhac > @gitcoinbot : I get free KDO from "https://gitcoin.co/kudos/redeem/0FUwBPOQNOpXvgTDFwmREQGDM"But my tx is not found "https://blockscout.com/xdai/mainnet/tx/0xb4809a31f7ff3d6fb7512072dbf57f944bc69c0e60975c8ac8892386019dff81"My address: 0x745C0e58Ef86f8842cBA5EBdc75C503ff6c33B03Pls recheck for me. Thanks,Redeem Love Bots Kudos from @gitcoinbotThis Kudos has been AirDropped to you. About this Kudos: Love Spreading Bots https://gitcoin.co/kudos/redeem/0FUwBPOQNOpXvgTDFwmREQGDM