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Tim Beiko@timbeiko > EIP-1559 Community Fund : Hi there, As you may be aware, EIP-1559 is now included in the London network upgrade, scheduled to hit mainnet on August 4th. To celebrate the work of the researchers, developers and other etherans involved in the effort, we've put together a special NFT where all the proceeds will go towards EIP-1559 contributors. You can read more about it here: https://stateful.mirror.xyz/rsUhYxXARr7j2iDjqJeelY7nc6CN_Y-MilVDP1S5voACheers, TimIntroducing the EIP-1559 NFT Series — MirrorFor over two years now, EIP-1559 has been in active development. In that time, dozens of people and over five development teams have worked to specify, audit, implement, test and communicate this hig… https://stateful.mirror.xyz/rsUhYxXARr7j2iDjqJeelY7nc6CN_Y-MilVDP1S5voA