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• Thomas Pulber@pimato > Omen.eth - A prediction market protocol and product owned by the Dxdao : Dear donors,thank you for your donation to support projects from the Dxdao. I believe as more people contribute to the Dxdao, the more it is efficient and it’s governance.The Dxdao collective is happy that you showed interest and your support with your donation. We would like to invite you to be part of our decentralized autonomous organisation. As a matter of fact, you will get reputation. You can start voting on proposals, participate in prediction markets and govern user owned products like mix.eth and omen.eth. The Dxdao is using the holographic consensus framework build by daostack.io. We have created a tutorial about how to make a proposal on alchemy to request reputation from the Dxdao. Check it out here:https://peerpad.net/#/r/markdown/3HtfyAkoMa3DSxR7iW7JYFcwELS6tvaBzZ9mQboQixaQ/4XTTM6zWLGc9vJqc6QPPHsB7cohZCyQWukCXNSFewTA9o9m8n