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• federicosan@federicosanSo I have been sick for more than 30 days. On 27th I starting with really mild diarrhea, some days before I had a cough, that day I had chills, shaking and a fever, I started calling emergencies but my fever was just a mild fever, so I was told to stay home. I had terrible nightmares of doom and drank 4 liters of water a day, I was thirsty all the time, I was not as doing as bad as to think I had COVID but this lasted for another 20 days, on the 21th day I was getting better, had only a sore thought but really mild, cough and thing in the bathroom kept the same. 12 days ago I had a panic attack I called emergencies and the ambulance came I was told to take Klonopin, I told them I was ok I even try to prevent the ambulance to get me, but when the medics heard me coughing I was forced to get hospitalized... #announce