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• federicosan@federicosan... or the would call the police, that would not test me on the spot, that is not available here in Argentina. Don't get me wrong I was glad I was being taken care of but I did not want to get hospitalized by force, I had been 12 days without temperature and getting better. So I had to have a panic attack for them to take care of me. I spent one night at the hospital fearful I was 1 infected and would get worst, 2 not infected, and would get infected there. The next day a doctor told me I was doing ok, that my blood test were ok, so I was sent to a hotel for the next 7 days. I am now at home, I spent the last days really nervous. I am back and I will try to get some of the work I owed done I still have some super mild symptoms, my test came back negative I would need to test antibodies to know if I ever had it. #announce