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Andy Tudhope@andytudhope > African Angels : Hello all of you amazing and generous people, It's difficult to put into words exactly what this grant means in the real world. Without this money, African Angels would not be able to re-open when South Africa exits lockdown. You have literally helped to save a school in Africa. Thank you! This is what crypto is really about: peers helping each other without needing to ask permission from higher up the permissioned pecking order. We say again: thank you for giving 142 amazing children from really poor backgrounds another chance at a good education. It effects me physically to be able to write those words, I hope you feel the good vibrations as you read them. You can find the proof of the transaction to sell the crypto, and the two fiat proofs of payment into the school's account here: https://medium.com/@cryptowanderer/angel-funding-with-real-impact-26960651f256?sk=fae0c05f6d97cc7966ff949f3701c718 With all of my biggest, most African love: THANK YOU! Andy and the Angels