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Staff • Kevin Owocki@owockivia NEAR Hackathon at Ready Layer OneWho wants to create a Gitcoin Quest?I will tip 0.12 ETH apiece (limit 1 per person), for creators of Gitcoin Quests on the following topics.Quest MUST be quality, if you just mail it in don't expect the full tip.EIP 1559 Fee MarketETH2 multi client testnetscaffold-ethSynthetixMythxOptimistic RollupsVyperENSTBTCETH1 => ETH2 transitionPolynomial committmentscryptonetworks as citieshttps://ethresear.ch/t/a-short-history-and-a-way-forward-for-phase-2/6982Any post on https://ethresear.ch/ that has more than 500 views A Short History and a Way Forward for Phase 2In the Beginning… Vitalik’s 2nd proposal solidified the idea of Execution Environments. Lets take a look at some of the initial changes it brought to the beacon chain (for now we’ll completely ignore… https://ethresear.ch/t/a-short-history-and-a-way-forward-for-phase-2/6982