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• Kames Geraghty@kamescgvia NEAR Hackathon at Ready Layer OneI'm hyped to experiment with the NEAR protocol. Had a chance to talk with some of the team at EthDenver and been looking for a good reason to give them a try... the time has come :)Repo: https://github.com/kamescg/near-ignitionA couple of things I want to try for this hackathon is migrating Uniswap to NEAR and also possibly integrating 3Box/Ceramic for cross-chain identity experiment.Personally... I would also love love love to create a NEAR Chrome Extension Wallet.Chrome Extension Repo: https://github.com/kamescg/near-ignition/tree/master/frontend/apps/extensionStill looking to form a team to crush this hackathon! Let me know if you want to join forces. Would be great to connect with designers, product managers and other developers.