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• mridul-singh@mridul-singhvia NEAR Hackathon at Ready Layer OneWith the halving coming up and Bitcoin interest peaking, I wrote a blogpost on living on crypto. Basically spending you r entire day only using crypto for payment (there are merchants that allow direct payment, for others I used crypto to buy vouchers).Would appreciate any feedback!https://medium.com/@mridulsingh09/living-on-crypto-in-india-a-real-life-scenario-b3592494bc5a #otherLiving on Crypto in India — A real life scenarioWith the recent supreme court decision to lift the ban on crypto-currencies, combined with rising interest from the crypto community in… https://medium.com/@mridulsingh09/living-on-crypto-in-india-a-real-life-scenario-b3592494bc5a