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Staff • Kevin Owocki@owockivia New York Blockchain Weekhey all,the kudos airdropper was getting eaten alive by the ethereum network's higher gas fees. we've paid about $6k in gas fees in the last 3 months, and about $100/day in the last week.clearly this is not sustainable, so i just added the ability for users to pay their own gas to get the kudos.here's an example kudos airdropper that expects you to pay your own way (currently 0.0073 ETH).try it out, get a free kudos, and tell me what you thinkhttps://gitcoin.co/kudos/redeem/kudos_airdrop_test_2020 Redeem Black Lotus Kudos from @gitcoinbotThis Kudos has been AirDropped to you. About this Kudos: The black lotus is a much feared, oft-discussed, plant. It is rumored that the sorcerers of the Black Ring use the Black lotus to recover th… https://gitcoin.co/kudos/redeem/kudos_airdrop_test_2020