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• Joseph Bender@jdbender66via Clarity Hackathon by BlockstackAnd we are off to the races!Hey there, hackers. Joe Bender here! Your friendly neighborhood Blockstack Developer Evangelist. Everyone here at Blockstack is MAXIMUM HYPE for this hackathon. The Clarity programming language is powerful blockchain magic, and we are super excited to see all the interesting smart contract submissions.To connect with other hackers, and get support from the Blockstack team, we encourage everyone to pop over to the Discord. We have a dedicated #hackathon channel for all discussion around the event: http://discord.gg/unFGwwuYour one-stop-shop for all stuff Clarity is gonna be the Official Clarity Hackathon site. On there is a fantastic resources page with everything from technical documentation to killer community tools: https://community.blockstack.org/clarity-resourcesDon't be shy! I am here as a mentor for all you builders. Welcoming any and all questions, or just a quick sanity check on your smart contract ideas. It takes a village to raise a blockchain, so let's make this a team effort to unleash a fleet of smart contracts on Stacks 2.0!Ready, set....HACK! #announce