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• Matt@mds1via New York Blockchain WeekAlmost finished simplifying PoolTogether onboarding for #NYBW. It's an app that will let you join PoolTogether without knowing anything about Ethereum. Here's how it works:- Login with just an email address thanks to Magic- Purchase Dai with Transak (first time using it, seems pretty cool!)- Send Dai to a GSN-enabled proxy contract for the user, so they can enter and exit the pool without needing gasAll that's left is to link the contract enter/exit method to the frontend, and maybe deploy to mainnet if gas prices go down! Follow the progress at https://github.com/mds1/PoolTogether-Onboarding mds1/PoolTogether-OnboardingThe easiest way to onboard into PoolTogether. Contribute to mds1/PoolTogether-Onboarding development by creating an account on GitHub. https://github.com/mds1/PoolTogether-Onboarding