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• Smit Rajput@smitrajputvia New York Blockchain WeekA humble request to fellow eth-(devs, ceos, communities) in general, to have Dwebsites (pronounced as dwebsites and not dee-websites), for their portfolios, projects, and not websites. The difference occurs while hosting: (ENS + IPFS, ENS + Swarm, etc) vs (DNS + AWS, DNS + GCP, etc.)Dwebsites are closer to being truly unstoppable websites. We need to lead by examples, if we truly believe in a decentralised web.More about dwebsites here:http://blog.almonit.eth.link/2020-05-21/Introduction_to_Dwebsitse.html Introduction to Dwebsiteshttp://blog.almonit.eth.link/blog/2020-05-21/Introduction_to_Dwebsitse