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Staff • connoroday@connorodayvia New York Blockchain WeekOnly 2 hours to go - make sure to submit your projects on time! Good luck!In 30 minutes at 6 pm ET, we'll host the Quantstamp team for a special security presentation as the final NYBW workshop. This talk speaks about the nature of immutability in the context of the new EVM opcode CREATE2, introduced in the Constantinople update. This opcode opens up a number of options affecting the lifecycle of a smart contract. It also open new techniques for ensuring their security. However it changes the scope of immutability as we currently understand it, especially at the user app layer.Join from: https://consensys.zoom.us/j/94902513286?pwd=eGF6WENOQW9SNmNZODhpZCtWdWtXUT09 #announce