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Grace Rachmany@gracerachmanyThe Future Ain't What It Used to Be. Our workshop on re-thinking economies and currencies is so oversubscribed, we will be doing another one in July/August. I'd love to have some Gitcoiners along. The course goes deeper into incentivization and what can/can't should/shouldn't be measured, how to address different human needs with different measures, and what a future economy could look like. If you're interested in joining, please get on our registration list. https://www.daoleadership.com/futurecourse/ #announceThe Future Ain’t What It Used to Be - DAO LeadershipWhy does it seem that after so much economic growth, our system is so fragile? What would new economic models look like—what should you prepare for—what could you create? http://www.daoleadership.com/futurecourse/