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Pascal Tallarida@pascaltallarida > Synthereum: synthetic assets with liquidity pools to bridge traditional and digital finance : Hey guys :) great news, we have finished the integration of the priceless contract for our v2; we will now polish the code, do some internal testing, and if everything is OK and stable we will be looking to start security audits and use the Gitcoin grants for this purpose.The priceless contracts obliged us to develop a keeper bot, that we called a Relayer, and this slowed us down a lot. Relayers will need to stake our token JRT in order to align their incentives. More info here > https://medium.com/jarvis-network/the-utility-of-jarvis-reward-token-4b56599662e4The codes: https://gitlab.com/jarvis-network/smart-contracts/synthereum/SynFiat/-/tree/pricelessThanks again for all your support, I will keep you posted as soon as we launch our UI so you can test Synthereum v2 on the testnet :)