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undadogirl68@undadogirl68 > @owocki : hey there, i just came by to say hello! my friend "Krype89" lead me to gitcoin. he told me quite few things about it and since i am a programmar for many years now, it was no surprise this immediately gets my interest (: when he referred me he also told me to visit your profil and have some post about it. (most likely to give him some credit for bringin in someone new i guess..)basically because of that... long story short, this is the reason i am writing these lines & thats about it so much to setup&discover on this site..gonna be intensive:Dso long!(https://gitcoin.co/krype89)<-friend@krype89 | Gitcoin@krype89 is a coder who has participated in 0 transactions on Gitcoin https://gitcoin.co/krype89