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• Nick Gregory@nickdgregIs there a delay when submitting work to a bounty before the UI updates to show the work is submitted? I ask because I submitted work for the GitxChange Hackathon (https://gitcoin.co/issue/gitcoinco/web/6726/4389) and can see the "Fulfill Bounty" transaction in MetaMask completed but the Bitcoin page hasn't updated to show my submission. I can click the "Submit Work" button again, but don’t want to submit again and pay the transaction fee when I don’t need to. #otherDecentralized Design Bounty - Propose a Radical Markets idea to be used on Gitcoin | gitcoinco Funded Issue Detail | GitcoinAt Gitcoin, we are big fans of Radical Markets ( http://radicalmarkets.com/ )We are looking for ideas from the community about how to increase our mission / values ( https://gitcoin.co/mission ) an… https://gitcoin.co/issue/gitcoinco/web/6726/4389