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• poapxyz@poapxyz > POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) : Dear generous donor, We’d like to take this message to thank you for your contribution to POAP in Round 5 of the CLR matching campaign.In case you missed it, we were one of the top grant recipients, raising just north of 8,000 DAI (including ~5,000 DAI in CLR matching) from 128 unique contributors!Since then, the number of new POAPs have been booming! We’re now up to 11,500 POAPs floating around the Ethereum ecosystem, including new communities like Bankless, /r/ethstaker and MetaClan.On top of that, we launched two new applications - POAP Vote and POAP Chat - using Round 5 funding. Check out our latest Medium article to learn more about them!https://medium.com/poap/poaps-next-chapter-6be604961261The TLDR is that we’re constantly expanding the POAP universe, and need your help to keep the hype train rolling!