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β€’ W3F@web3foundationThank you everyone who participated in our Build Polkadot bounty challenge! In total there were 30 devs who started work and we got a whopping 15 submissions πŸš€ Our judges will now take up to a week to evaluate the submissions and announce the winners, stay tuned! https://gitcoin.co/issue/Web3Foundation/build-polkadot/1/4391 [$6000 DAI] Build Polkadot: Network Launch Bounty Challenges | Web3Foundation Funded Issue Detail | Gitcoin# **Welcome to the Build Polkadot bounty challenges, sponsored by the Web3 Foundation.**-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------**Polkadot i… https://gitcoin.co/issue/Web3Foundation/build-polkadot/1/4391