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willruddick@willruddick > CIC (COVID-19) Kenyan Crisis Aid : Hi!We’ve seen over 400k USD in blockchain transactions since April and have enrolled 24,000 users! See http://dashboard.sarafu.network for the latest! And please see some of our recent blogs that give examples of amazing CIC users. http://grassecon.org/blog The field, phone and tech teams have been doing some amazing work but sadly your donations are sitting here waiting to be bonded to the CIC tokens in circulation. https://etherscan.io/tokenholdings?a=0xba0fee8490118fc4f46bd0974d7bf93d0e2f1064Instead of allowing users to cash out via the bonding curves we’ve had to cash them out manually.So while we are still taking donations that will go to users in Kenya – we are also asking for specific technical support in a new grant here: https://gitcoin.co/grants/816/cic-tech-grassroots-economics so that we can reach the full CIC vision. Please check it out and remember even a tiny donation helps a ton.Best,-Will